Napoli home printing 2013/14 - Higuain 9

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Official SSC Napoli name and number set for the season 2013/14.

The printing is white with an accent of grey.

The most significant detail is that the letters are rather large. 7 to 7.5 cm tall while most letters used for football shirts are 5 to 5.5 cm tall.

The numbers measure about the standard fare of the industry which comes to some 25 cm.

The image showing the printing from the backside shows that the letters and numbers have a black backing which prevents color from the front to carry over to the garment of the jersey.

The designer and producer is the Italian division of Deko Graphics from Germany which is called Deko Graphics Italia.

In order to apply successfully one needs access to a heat transfer printer. It is not possible to apply by using an iron.


Official name and number kit from Deko Graphics.

The Italian branch of Deko is behind this high quality name and number set featuring Italian club SSC Napoli.

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Varenummer deko-sscn-h-13-14-h9
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Napoli home printing 2013/14 - Higuain 9


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