Mercurial Victory IV TF Ronaldo grusbane støvler

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Buy the Nike Mercurial Victory IV Turf Ground Shoes, as worn by Cristiano Ronaldo here! Fast, sleek, and efficient, Nike's Mercurial Victory is made for speed and precise ball control. The Turf Ground version of these shoes will give you improved traction on natural fields and turfs so you can have Mercurial agility and control on more grounds.

Play with style and stand out with Nike's bold Mercurial line of soccer cleats. Part of Nike's bestselling Mercurial line of soccer shoes, these turf shoes come in Men's Sizes. Buy the Nike Mercurial Victory IV Turf Ground Shoes now and conquer your opponents like Cristiano Ronaldo!


• Overview: 
The Official Nike Mercurial Victory IV Shoes
• Feature: 
Worn by Real Madrid and Portugal superstar Cristiano Ronaldo
• Use:
Turf Ground Version
• Size:
Men's Adult Sizes
• Colors:
White, Electric-Green

The Mercurial Victory Turf Ground shoes are made for the outdoors. With a rougher sole made to keep the traction on various fields, these turf ground shoes keep you on your game on many outdoor surfaces. The rubberized stubs built into the tread pattern mean that you can take Nike's Mercurial Victory to a variety of field types and keep the speed and ball control that make you stand out. Physically built for maximum ball control, the Mercurial Victory keeps you one step ahead of the competition, just like Cristiano Ronaldo. 

The shoe design is iridescent white with an electric green trim; a black Nike swoosh rounds the front and side. Black and bold, "NIKE" is formed over the opposing side. 

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Varenummer 555615 103
Mærke Nike


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