FC Barcelona svedebånd - Barca Wristbands

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FC Barcelona Wristbands

Dimensions: Approx 7cm wide

Material: Soft cotton


The FC Barcelona Wristbands are stylish and functional accessories designed for fans to showcase their support for the iconic football club. Featuring the distinctive FC Barcelona colors and logo, these wristbands serve as a tangible expression of team allegiance. Made from comfortable and absorbent materials, they are suitable for wear during workouts, sports activities, or as everyday accessories. Beyond their practicality, these wristbands allow supporters to proudly display their love for FC Barcelona, making them a fashionable addition to any fan's apparel. Whether at the stadium or in daily life, the FC Barcelona Wristbands are a subtle yet impactful way to connect with the club's spirit.

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Varenummer TM-03730
Mærke Official Merchandise


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FC Barcelona svedebånd - Barca Wristbands


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