Liverpool FC SoccerStarz 2024 Matip - Front View

Liverpool figur - LFC SoccerStarz 2024 Matip

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Liverpool FC SoccerStarz 2024 Matip

Dimensions: Approx 5cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm


Experience the essence of Liverpool FC with the SoccerStarz 2024 Matip figurine. This meticulously crafted collectible immortalizes the prowess and passion of the talented player. The detailed design captures Matip's distinctive style, making it a standout addition for dedicated Liverpool fans and collectors. Elevate your memorabilia and pay homage to Matip's contributions to the Reds. The SoccerStarz 2024 Matip figurine is more than a collectible; it's a celebration of skill and dedication. Order now to bring the spirit of Liverpool FC into your space and showcase your admiration for one of the team's key players.

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Varenummer TM-03540
Mærke Official Merchandise


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Liverpool figur - LFC SoccerStarz 2024 Matip


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